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Surreal Bathscapes

Co - Designer

The brief was to propose an in-store installation/artistic experience in the aegis of an event to invite relevant audience to help ascertain a distinct brand position for Artize, a luxury bath brand that is #BornFromArt.

The concept behind this design was to create a world by altering the reality using surreal art within the store with the help of human sculptures by playing with scale and distortion.

Client - Artize 

tiara entrance.png
sample artize render sample ps.png
main basin section.png


Artboard 1_page-0001.jpg
Artboard 2_page-0001.jpg
Artboard 3_page-0001.jpg
*Currently under Non-Disclosure

Co-Designers: Ashwin Rajesh, Apratim Jain, Sparshika Upmanyu

Mentor: Lena Gupta

August, 2023 - September, 2023

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